Wine means pleasure, wine means joy of life. And this special attitude towards life gets a whole new meaning at the Kornell Winery. At the foot of the Greifensteiner slope in the middle of the vines is the Kornell estate and there the Schafferhaus. It is the oldest building on the estate and reflects pure joy of life, but also calmness, peace and security. Because of its special features, the Schafferhaus is now a listed building and is therefore still preserved in its original form.

The term "Schafferhaus" originates from a time when the noble family Seyffertitz-Wolkenstein still had the say here and employed winegrowers and winegrowers at court. These people worked in the vineyards and laid the foundation for the new wine with their hands. They were called "Schaffer", hence the name of the building. Here the people came to rest in the evening, here they could recover from the work and the strains of the day.